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Buy MICROTEK Products Online

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About Brand

Microtek is the leader in making Inverters for home, it also manufacturers’ online ups, stabilizers, solar products such as solar inverters, solar charge controller etc. The service support of Microtek brand is awesome, in case of any product fault, they send engineers to customer’s home within 24 hours. The service helpline of Microtek brand is 1800-102-447

Microtek Solar Inverters

Microtek has designed solar inverters to utilize maximum sun power to generate electricity and keep home green. There are two types of solar inverter, 1) Hybrid solar inverter and 2) grid tied solar inverter.

Hybrid solar inverters: these are also called off grid solar inverters, it works with batteries to provide backup when there is no electricity and sun light. The battery connected to inverter are charged form solar panels and electricity with preference given to solar panels.  

Grid tied solar inverters: these are also called on grid solar inverters, there is no battery backup, it does load sharing with utility grid, Hence, battery are not connected in on grid solar inverters, i.e. when, there is no electricity at home, grid tied solar inverter does not work.    

Technology trends

In solar inverters, there are two types of technology, pwm and mppt, solar ups and inverters for low power needs are manufactured with pwm technology, In Microtek, inverters are made in both technologies, mppt is the latest technology with higher power conversion efficiency and similarly, the price of mppt based inverters are almost 2x of compared to initial technology product.